It will be released on 25th September 2015, “Music complete”(Mute), the new album of celebrated post-punk band New Order, arisen from the ashes of the legendary Joy Division (an unforgettable music experience which sadly ended with the suicide of its front-man, Ian Curtis) and headed by Bernard Sumner. The album includes 11 music tracks – one of them, “Restless” was released some days ago – and is produced by New Order except the track “Singularity” and “Unlearn this hatred”, both produced by Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers) as well as “Superheated”, produced by Stuart Price. This work also features many celebrated guests, invited at the recording studio as Brandon Flowers (the front-man of The Killers for the track “Superheated”), Iggy Pop (for “Stray dog”) and Elly Jackson, known as La Roux (for “Tutti frutti”, “People on the high line” and “Plastic”). A not to be missed album for all the ones who love the new-wave and synth pop music.


Sarà pubblicato il 25 settembre 2015, “Music complete”(Mute), il nuovo album della celebre band post-punk New Order, nata dalle ceneri dei Joy Division (indimenticabile esperienza musicale che si è tristemente conclusa con il suicidio del suo leader, Ian Curtis) ed è guidata da Bernard Sumner. L’ album include 11 brani – uno di essi, “Restless”, è stato pubblicato qualche giorno fa – ed è prodotto dai New Order, ad eccezione della traccia “Singularity” ed “Unlearn this hatred”, entrambi prodotti da Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers) come anche “Superheated”, produced by Stuart Price. Questo lavoro ha quali protagonisti celebri ospiti, che sono stati invitati in sala di ripresa, quali Brandon Flowers ( il leader di The Killers per il brano “Superheated”), Iggy Pop (per “Stray dog”) ed Elly Jackson, conosciuta come La Roux (per “Tutti frutti”, “People on the high line” e “Plastic”). Un album imperdibile per tutti coloro che amano la musica new-wave e synth-pop.


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