Quentin Crisp


The only thing I can do well, the only thing I know how to do, is be me”. Those words, having an universal value, marking the core of being, of life, an individual path to go under the sign of consciousness, freedom, lightness, considered as absence of weight and kindness as paradigm of humanity, are embodied in  “The last word”, third autobiography of the legendary Quentin Crisp – su Amazon.com -, considered as an icon of gay culture (, a time and a place, the New York City Lower East side he peopled during the Eighties), writer, social observer and actor – who featured in “Orlando” the movie by Sally Potter, playing the queen Elisabeth I.


It’ s a book to have for knowing, discovering and appreciating the bright, provocateur, fancy and unforgettable mood, sense of humour and wisdom of an “Englishman in New York”(which is also the title of song Sting dedicated to him once he knew of his story and life experience, he told in the cult book “The naked civil servant”, released during the Seventies).




Quentin Crisp, photo courtesy of Crisperanto.org

L’ unica cosa che so far bene, la sola cosa che so come farem è essere me”. Queste parole, che hanno un valore universale, evidenziano il cuore dell’ essere, della vita, un cammino individuale da percorrere all’ insegna di consapevolezza, libertà, leggerezza, intesa come assenza di peso e gentilezza, quale paradigma dell’ umanità, sono racchiuse in “The last word”, terza autobiografia del leggendario Quentin Crisp – disponibile in esclusiva su Amazon.com -, considerata un’ icona della cultura gay (, di un tempo e un luogo, la Lower East Side di New York City da lui popolata negli anni Ottanta), scrittore, opinionista e attore che è stato protagonista di “Orlando”, il film di Sally Potter, vestendo i panni della regina Elisabetta I.




Quentin Crisp



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